Is your laundry room a tinder box waiting to ignite? If you haven’t properly maintained your clothes dryer, then the lint that has collected in the ducts and vents could ignite when you run the next load. According to the US Fire Administration, 15,000 structure fires are caused by clothes dryers and 80% of those fires are caused by lint clogging the vents and ducts.

This hazard is completely preventable by proper cleaning and maintenance of the dryers in your home or in your condo complex. This can seem like a daunting task, climbing around the back of the machine with tools and the shop vac. But this is one task that shouldn’t be postponed.

Although safety is the primary reason for getting your dryer vents cleaned regularly, this task has other benefits as well. Clearing the vent and ducts will improve the efficiency of the machine, which should in turn extend the life of the dryer and minimize repairs.

It also minimizes mold growth which at best will make your clothes smell musty, but at worst it can contribute, and even cause, severe health problems. As it happens, the lint that is so highly flammable when heated is also quite an effective sponge, and can trap moisture very well too. This is more of an issue when there is ductwork between the dryer and the exterior vent, offering places for the lint to get trapped.

Dryer hazards are not just an issue for the second homeowner who is renting for the off season. If your condominium complex offers a communal laundry room, then multiply the fire hazard by the number of dryers available. How often and how well do your residents check and clean the lint traps? And, for units with washers and dryers included, how often are those units checked for lint?

The only way to put your mind at ease is to get your dryer and ductwork on a regular maintenance schedule with a professional who has the right equipment to get the job done right. If your property is located on eastern Long Island, give GreyStone Property Management a call and we will get the pros on the job for you without delay.