On the East End, a pool is an important amenity for many hotels, motels, B&Bs and condo associations, and in Suffolk County, commercially operated pools need the oversite of a certified pool operator (CPO). This person is trained and certified to test the water, clean the pool and perform other maintenance tasks.

The CPO designation is granted by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF), a nonprofit organization that promotes the safe and healthful use of pools and spas. In case you think a CPO designation is overkill, consider these benefits to having one for your pool instead of trying to handle the maintenance in house.

First, is regulatory compliance: A CPO can help a property stay in compliance with ever changing local, state, and federal laws. Next, is health department approvals. After you take care of every detail to get and stay in compliance, you need the Suffolk County Health Department approvals, including proof that your pool is monitored by a CPO. You will need that CPO to certify the required daily testing, which must be done three times a day in Suffolk County. Without this, your pool will be closed for business.

In addition to the regulatory compliance, the regular testing and monitoring assures improved water quality. With the oversite of an experienced and qualified CPO, any issues of quality and safety, along with mechanical issue with the filtering system will be quickly identified and quickly addressed. Simple repairs and maintenance can be done by the CPO, and bigger jobs can be contracted out as needed. This minimizes the potential downtime.

And all this careful monitoring and maintenance by a certified operator will help reduce exposure to liability.

Doing a thorough job in monitoring and maintaining a pool in season is a big job – and needs to be done by someone who is certified by the appropriate authorities in order to remain in compliance and keep your pool open for your residents and guests. It’s a big, time-consuming job during the height of the season, when everyone’s workload is stretched to the limit.

When time is money, hiring a Certified Pool Operator is one of the most cost-effective decisions you will make. And you should be looking NOW, so your pool can be ready as soon as the weather is ready next spring/summer. GreyStone can help you find one who is local on the North Fork and available to respond in minutes instead of hours. On a hot summer day that will make all the difference.

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