Improve Curb Appeal and ROI

It’s generally accepted that regularly painting your home, inside and out, helps to protect and maintain it, while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal for potential renters and its resale value. Oh but what an undertaking it can be! Even small jobs can turn into big projects in the hands of an inexperienced, but well-intentioned, DIYer. This is one project that is best left to the pros, if you want it done well, and cost-effectively.

GreyStone Property Management understands how important house painting services are, and we have added this to our menu of options available to our clients. We work with local pros who understand the environment and year-round weather conditions that your property will endure. Factors such as sunlight exposure, the landscaping and trees, even the wildlife that is typical to the neighborhood all need to be considered when choosing colors, types of finish, and technique.

For instance, did you know that mosquitos see dark colors better? Or that insects and birds may mistake some colors for a food source? So it may be better to avoid orange or berry red for a patio dining area.  Opt for a green that is less appealing to both birds and bugs to avoid sharing your outdoor dining space with some of nature’s pests.

Also, a professional house painter will quickly identify problem areas, and have the solutions to address them. Do the corners of your high traffic areas scuff and chip easily? Our paint pros will know whether eggshell, semi-gloss or flat will best work where, and which colors look best in which finish. And that soft spot developing in a window frame could be rot, or it could be termites. Our painters will know the difference and who to call to address it, if painting preparation can’t.

And maybe that elegant dark charcoal color that your designer loves is not the right shade for a bathroom with a tree-lined northern exposure. Without direct sun ever hitting the space, it may be not only dark and dreary, but a breeding ground for mold. There is another maintenance issue to deal with down the road.

The house painting professionals who are part of the GreyStone Property Management team will help us assess your property to make your next painting project a beautiful update while extending the life and value of your property. Just let us know when you would like to begin.